Saturday, 5 June 2010

the art of the buckle

ok just a quik update, ive been making all the accessories for my character before i want to start sculpting him. i probably wont get it all done in time for hand in, but im not going to rush it as i want to do this character well.
so this week ive added a satchel and a belt and buckle to him. the satchel has been a beast especially with all the buckles ans such but its good fun and im learning lots.
ive also got a side project on the go for an on-line competition in which i have to take a person or scene from 1 film and make it in the style of a different film. e.g back to the future in a pixar style, im really looking forward to this and even if it dont win anything, atleast ive got my name out there a little bit.
^^ peace out


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