Wednesday, 2 June 2010


made my chap a waistcoat and added a collar to his shirt which was a complete mission getting the topology right.

im steadily adding to the character and it seems to be going well.

i understand that it seems like ive not got a target i'm heading for, in which i mean by a concept to work from, but for this project i just didn't really have a final design in my head. i new i wanted a character with goggles and a moustache, and i did some quick sketches of overall body shape and such but never a finalised piece.
realisticly i would have a final concept before modelling even commences and i would stick to the design completely. but with this character i just wanted to see where the wind took me.
i see these projects as all learning exercises and ways for me to better understand my field. i make loads of mistakes on the way, but from these projects i never really make them again. with upcoming modelling projects im going to fully design characters first and hopefully improve my drawing skills also.i hope to get some feed back on them as i really apreciate every bit of crit i can get as it will help me improve. i really dislike it when people just pat you on the back as that does nothing to help me improve.

so all in all my skills in the field are increasing and with more practice i hope to achieve some really nice work. i hope to do a few models over the summer to start building up a show reel for next year. and any competition on line that i can compete in i will do as i really want to get my name out there.

peace out ^^


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