Wednesday, 20 October 2010

3rd year project

ok so this year its full steam ahead, I'm teamed up with a great group of people to make a 3d animated main focus this year will be to improve my modelling skills including texturing and lighting.
The idea for this project was a rather last minute thing decided just before the start of the term. This was mainly due to the fact the myself and a few other team members were struggling with our original ideas based around our pitched idea last year involving humanoid animal characters. so to get the ball rolling we brain stormed and came up with some general ideas we'd like to go into, after the base ideas were written down we took a long hard look at lots of student animations, and soon realised that the good shorts were the simplest visually and story based also. So after this we went back to tweaking our idea and we came up with a basic story involving 3 characters in a exploration/chase sequence. at this time the story was just in its basic form and would need a lot of work to make something good of it. With the help of Derek we pitched our idea to him and he gave some great tips to improve our story further it took another two weeks of more tweaking to really finalise the story with complete storyboard and animatic.
so once we had our idea we set about giving jobs to our team. initially the team involved myself,Simon Acty, Tom Dowler, Roy Nottage, Emma Taylor and Matt Butler. we soon realised that we'd all pretty much have to        
animate the project and we'd struggle to get it done. fortunately some of our course members were really interested in animating in 3d and headed over to us for more info on our project. so the newest members of the team are Holly Tselikova and Oddne Madson, not only did we get animators, Peter Stache also offered to do some special effects on our project such as explosion and smoke etc. later on in the production. Finally to top it off we've managed to grab some of the second year students too, Olly and Scott have offered their assistance also. So we've got ourself a great team of people covering basically all aspects of the pipeline and things are looking really great so far.
Directing the project is Simon Acty and Roy Nottage is co-directing.
Producing the group is Tom Dowler.
Pre production consist of Emma Taylor, Roy Nottage, Simon Acty , Jake Jones
Modelling group consists of Simon Acty, Matt Butler and Myself.
Rigging consists of Simon Acty, Matt Butler, Scott
Animators are Holly Tselikova, Oddne Madeson, Roy Nottage and Emma Taylor.
Lighting and render test Myself
Special effects/Post Production Peter Stache
(Olly and Scott will be helping throughout the project when and where they can as they also have their second year work to also focus on)

so with this kick ass team we hope to produce a really great animation and hopefully enter it into festivals etc.
what my main focus this year is to improve my skill set within Maya, my main priority in the group is modelling, so I've been set to model the Blimp, the Apprentice character and then scenery exteriors and interiors. along side the modelling i will also be learning how to light scenes properly in Maya and by the end of the year i hope to be quite good. i've got alot ahead of me, but im really making the most out of this final year and so far its already paying off, working the nine to five during the week is a great way to ease into a working mind frame getting ready to jump into the industry, to be honest the work hours will propablly be longer than that in the industry but its a great start. I enjoy what i do so much that as soon as im home and have eaten i'm straight back on working till the early hours again, which is great because this is why i'm here, to get a job doing something i love.

The blimp

Blimp designs by Simon Acty
Harpoon Designs by Roy Nottage

so these are the final design, and i set about working on them hoping to get it finished within a week, but UV unwrapping took longer than expected, so it took eleven days in the end.
the hardest part about modelling these things it not go to overboard with the geometry because it can really bite you in the ass in the long run. Whilst making the Blimp and Harpoon, i started teaching myself a bit more about Nurbs and noticing the advantages to them over using Polygons especially when it comes to texturing.

so these are some renders of the blimp and the harpoon gun, im pleased with how they've turned out so far, there's going to be certain shots where areas are closer to the camera than others, soi'll have to remake a few bits and pieces higher res, but apart from that its all good. Everything its completely unwrapped and is ready to be textured. my next job is to make the hunters cabin which should be good.
so for now peace out

(you just lost the game ^^)


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