Tuesday, 14 October 2008

today we had a look at the art of "stretch and squash" and "aniticipation". i found this excercise very enjoyable and learnt how much these simple techniques can effect the outcome of an animation.
firstly the circle bounce exercsise was very enjoyable, using aout 10 pieces of animation paper i created a more realisticly looking bouncing circle. the main challenge was to get the circle in the right proportions when squashing and stretching the circle.
im in the process of filming what ive drawn on the animation paper, but in the mean time ive downloaded toonboom animation trial and made a small clip of what i was trying to create today on paper.

the later part of the morning session was to do the same but with a sqaure character jumping from ledge to ledge, implementing the anticipation of each movement to really emphasise the movement of the character when jumping. i found this slightly more challenging than the original circle concept as its harder to implement all the techniques we used today and keep the character in proportion at the same time.

the afternoon session was very sucessfull, i found creating the sphere and creating key frames to produce a bouncing ball very enjoyable. it was very intresting to found out how to edit the bounce of the ball using animation graphs, and how to make it a slighty smoother action by editing the tangents of the curve. the iceing on the cake was making the ball rotate whilst bouncing across the screen, this really made it feel much more life like and it looked really good.


Andy Wyatt said...

This is looking good and it will a great resource in the future. Try and be a bit less decriptive..eg you tend to describe everyday and what you did. I'd rather see you ask yourself questions, so for example upload some work and ask what you would do to make it better the next time, what went well and what didn't go so well.

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