Tuesday, 7 December 2010

environment modelling

*holds up the white flag* ok so i said weekly blogs but that kinda didnt happen. not because of lazyness but quite the opposite, ive been working flat out on our FMP and dissertation that ive had little spare time to do anything. so lets make it every 2 weeks for now and work myself back into a routine.

ok so whats happened since

after my last post i spent a fair amount of times working with the apprentice's hair style. simon had a particular idea in his head and i did my best to portray that in my work. it took a few work overs to get the style he wanted, but i think we are at a good place with the character at the mo (thank god^^)

so after crafting those luscious locks of hair my next task was to put the character to the side for a while and flesh out the cabin for our first scene. this is where i like to shine, i really enjoy fleshing out environments and love adding little details here and there. working from a painting simon provided, i set about working on the room and ive got to say its been a great challenge so far and really tested my skills and my soul to get some of this work out.
keeping polycount low but trying to keep the detail is something ive got a good grasp of, but the most time consuming part has to be unwrapping everything for texturing. the spiral staircase was a good challenge but the hardest part so far has been the window bay/window frames...jeeezzzz. it feels like blood sweat and tears went into making them. it takes me a few attempts to find the optimal way to get over certain issues, but from there on it gets easier, especially in the long run.

something ive found to be my little passion is the piping/ steering wheel area in the room. sounding very geeky, ive made a set of pipes and several types of connecting pieces and joints so i can make a vast hub of piping, all neatly unwrapped. it may just seem like regular piping but i promise its not, its super cool piping!

ok back to normal people stuff: im hoping we can push this room to finish it before we leave for xmas next week, it wont be texture or lit, but thats on my never end list of stuff to do.
so what ive achieved so far this term
1 floaty airship/blimp with fully functioning mounted harpoon gun
1 apprentice character with spikey hair and dungarees
1 almost finished room with some epic piping

cant measure this but ive achieved lots in the sense of working in a group/team of people who willing to put the hours in and achieve something thats gonna be great.
working closely with my team has increased my knowledge,skills and speed of production and i'd like to thank them all 

things ive got to teach myself and do still for the end of the project

  • lighting: light the cabin scene and the outside shot of the fly bye,
  • texture EVERYTHING!
  • do a high res version of the blimp for the close ups
  • make lots of plants and trees
  • keep up team moral with my wacky personality
so for now thanks for reading and i'll post up some piccies at a later point, peace out.

some rendered character shots to show the hair. i still need to topoligise the hair correctly but its not a prio just at the moment, these are just to show the progress of the character.

matt luxton 3d character model three quatermatt luxton 3d character model front


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