Monday, 3 May 2010


ok so ive been really indescisive with this project ive had so many ideas i want to do and im finding it really hard to get a solid idea that i want to do first. after playing around with software and just kind of seeing my current skill level ive decided to stick to my very first idea. below are some reference images to get my overall style of the character.
basicly its a mad scientist, i hope to have a medium build character and model clothing and various items to a high standard. ive spent most my time just building a base that im reasonably happy with as a starting point. after making this basic mesh ive retopologised the mesh to make it easier to work with in the long run.
currently WIP (work in progress) ive worked on the leg area tonight to get away from some of the nastier areas.
basicly ive just tried the make nice edgeloops from the buttocks and crotch area down to the feet


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