Monday, 10 May 2010

E=MC² lost and found

ok so i had a very eventfull evening. somehow id managed to save my file to my flash drive at some point without realising, and had been working from that unknowingly. usually i store my files for projects on a particular hardrive and upon looking this evening to come back to work on it i found my file wasnt there....
 i soon found that i'd saved it to my flash drive..but what did i do earlier that day... i deleted everything on there to make space for a larger file for another project. so without realising i deleted all my work so far on this character..woo!, luckily there is software out there to recover files and thankfully it found it straight away. i restored it and made backups and hard copies just incase it happens agian.

back to business, ive neglected this project alot due to working on the third year project which has consumed all my time. but for now on im focused on my own 2nd year work. so after recovering this character which still needs a fair amount of work and its still at a base level to work from.
things to be done are:
  •  the arms from shoulders down.
  • hands, should be fun to make ^^ these will be more of a place holder for the gloves later on, so ill need to make a fairly decent hand for a glove later on.
the face which i started this evening,
  • and then when the base is done i can take it into a sculpting software package to get the finer details in
ive been looking at Jacobs blogg alot recently from the third year  basicly just picking up hints and tips from his characters as he is a very good character moddler and artist. with my characters face im trying to test out making it in seperate pieces to see if the style suits me better. and it seems to be going well so far. but ye Jacobs work is a great reference for me and hopefully this time next year i'll be on par with his standard with lots of practice.


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